Our Mental Wellness Programs.

The focus of our programs is to build resilience and help young people to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to promote and protect their own mental well-being. and to protect against risk factors that negatively impact mental health.

We offer various types of mental health programs to individuals who may be struggling with mental health issues. Some of these include:

Resiliency Building

Our mental resiliency program is a structured approach aimed at enhancing an individual’s ability to cope with and bounce back from adversity, stress, and challenges. It will involve a combination of psychological techniques, strategies, and exercises that promote mental well-being and build resilience.

AAAL Book Club – Mental health Conversations

A mental wellness-focused book club is a community of individuals who come together to explore and discuss literature that revolves around mental health, wellness, and illness. The club’s primary objective is to promote understanding, empathy, and awareness of mental well-being through the lens of literature.

Developing and Managing Your Emotional Intelligence

Our managing and developing emotional intelligence program is designed to help individuals enhance their ability to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions, as well as effectively navigate and respond to the emotions of others. It focuses on developing key skills and competencies related to emotional intelligence, which will have a positive impact on personal and professional relationships, communication, and overall well-being.

Art Therapy

An art therapy program for mental wellness is a therapeutic approach that utilizes the creative process of artmaking to support individuals in improving their emotional well-being, self-expression, and overall mental health. It combines traditional psychotherapy techniques with artistic methods to promote healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.


Our team has been working diligently to develop exciting and fun workshops to help our young people celebrate their mental wellness and live their best lives.  

Our Benefactors.

As a mental health promotion charity, our actions or strategies are designed to improve overall positive mental well-being and prevent mental health disorders or illnesses.

  Young people – We will give them tools to improve their communication, self-care, resiliency, help seeking, help giving, stress relief, emotional competence, social competence, mental health knowledge, creating healthy eating habits, regular consistent sufficient sleep, physical activity, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, gratitude, increase personal growth, compassion, mental wellbeing, support, mental flexibility, and safe conflict resolution methods.

  Parents – we will provide social support, education, participation, sense of belonging, know thy neighbour, security, tools to manage their children’s mental illness at home.

  The Community – we will ensure safety, freedom, non-violence, and connection.

  The Government – We seek protection, improve environmental regulations, financial support for sustainability and openness to diverse cultures and language.

    Our mental health promotions include:

    Education campaigns that promote mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage help-seeking behaviours.

    Community programs designed to help people strengthen their social connections, develop new skills, and find resources to support their mental well-being.

    Workplace initiatives that support employee mental health through stress-reduction programs, flexible work schedules, and access to counselling services.

    Government policies and legislation aimed at improving access to mental health services, funding research, and implementing preventive measures.